Tuesday, October 3, 2023

What is a Business or Commercial Dispute?

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Business and commercial disputes in Michigan are handled through Business Courts, which are specialty dockets created under MCL Section 600.8033 in 2013, and are part of the Circuit Court System in the various Districts. This statute enumerates specific types of business and commercial disputes, and also specifically excludes disputes that don’t fall within these categories. 

MCL 600.833 defines Business or Commercial dispute as:

(i)   An action in which all of the parties are business enterprises, unless the only claims asserted are expressly excluded under subsection (3).

(ii)  An action in which 1 or more of the parties is a business enterprise and the other parties are its or their present or former owners, managers, shareholders, members of a limited liability company or a similar business organization, directors, officers, agents, employees, suppliers, guarantors of a commercial loan, or competitors, and the claims arise out of those relationships.

(iii) An action in which 1 of the parties is a nonprofit organization, and the claims arise out of that party's organizational structure, governance, or finances.


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