Sunday, September 15, 2019

What exactly is Considered Remarriage?

divorce Ann ArborIf a remarriage is a change in circumstances for either modifying or terminating spousal support, what exactly is considered remarriage? That may seem like a straightforward question, but it was a question that went to the Michigan Court of Appeals in the case of Lueck v Lueck, a published case decided in May 2019.

In Lueck, the husband and wife agreed in their divorce judgment that spousal support would continue for a set amount of time or “until wife remarries.” After the divorce, the wife met someone special and had a religious commitment ceremony at her church where they exchanged traditional vows and rings. However, there were no witnesses and they didn’t apply for a marriage license.

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Does Remarriage Terminate Spousal Support?

One of the most frequent questions our divorce clients ask is: “Does spousal support automatically end if the person receiving support remarries?” 
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The law states that unless you agree to other terms in your divorce judgment, a remarriage is considered a change in circumstances. The court may terminate spousal support if the person receiving support remarries. MCL 552.13. It’s not an automatic termination, but remarriage is a change in circumstances that authorizes the court to end spousal support if the court chooses to do so.

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