Thursday, October 3, 2019

Why is the Pre-Suit Preparation Important?

civil law ann arborThe Michigan Supreme Court recently adopted changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure that will completely overhaul the discovery process in Michigan to bring it closer to the procedures in federal court. If you’re not familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure the changes could be overwhelming, but for many litigants the changes will be welcome. 

The new rules will emphasize initial disclosures and document production. Instead of waiting until asked, parties will be required to disclose the factual basis of their claim or defense, the legal theories on which they rely or their case, possible witnesses or people with discoverable information, their computation of damages, and the location or types of documents in their possession that are relevant to the case. All of this information must be produced by a party without being asked. Practitioners in federal court will be familiar with this process, as it is similar to the Rule 26 disclosures required in federal cases. 

Learn more here about the changes the Michigan Supreme Court adopted to the Rules of Civil Procedure.

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